Camilla Grimaldi Gallery
Via dei Tre Orologi 6A, 00197 Rome

Opening 14th December 2023

The show will include two recent bodies of works: the Teatrini and the series The way in, both revolving around the meeting point, the place where one thing ends and another begins, how different entities or beings occupy the space alongside each other, how they lean on each other in order to gain stability.

Most of the pieces in this exhibition came like those dreams that one gets at daybreak, those visions that stay so vivid for a while, and make you wonder if you should try and catch them.

Midnight Spelunking

A joint exhibition with Nick Phillips

23rd September – 2nd October 2022

Nutshell Studios, Old Market, Nailsworth, GL6 0DU

A joint exhibition of recent sculptures and paintings, for two weekends at the Nutshell Studios. Informed by theatrical space as a setting for imaginative work to happen, such as narratives, magic and epiphanies, Viviana’s delicate and humorous sculptural assemblages sit alongside Nick’s mysterious colourful paintings.

“It’s hard to say why people engage in a dialogue.
Maybe because they believe they can better themselves or gain something. The exchange between Nick and I, in these terms, makes no exception” …

La Brûleuse de Terre

August 2022

Sometimes miracles do happen.
La Brûleuse de Terre, a piece I imagined in 2016 is now floating on velvety water in Nympsfield, in what will soon open as an elephant sanctuary, we are just waiting for those elephants (yes, we are talking about the UK) to find their way here.
The making process has been both tortuous and serendipitous in such a way that it feels more appropriate to call it a journey…

A Dance for Edward James

December 2021

Published by West Dean College, November 2021, here

“On a dewy October morning, my mother-in-law’s Nissan Micra was ready under the plumping grapes of the pergola, packed with metal sheets, rods, tools, theatre stage backdrops and the broadest selection of paraphernalia, including some bones that I borrowed from my dog’s private collection and a set of fake teeth found in a disused dentist studio in Southern Italy.
Clearly, I had been chosen as Maker-in-Residence at West Dean College, and I was going to make a big deal of it…”

2021 Maker in Residence at

West Dean College

October 2021

West Dean College – The Edward James Foundation

Nr Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0QZ

Loose Cannons & Spider Webs

An exhibition of sculptures, mobiles and serenades

12th September – 26th September 2021

The Nutshell Studios, Old Market, Nailsworth GL6 0DU

Mobiles – Stabiles

11th December – 16th December 2019

44 Lower Sloane St, Flat 6, London SW1W 8BP


11th June – 2 July 2017

la bruleuse de terre

The Old Rectory, Quenington, Gloucestershire GL7 5BN

Radio interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, as recipient of the M Kent award at Fresh Air Sculpture, 2017.


May 2016

Orchard House, Hay Lane, Horsley GL6 0QD

7-8 and 14-15 May, 2016, 10 to 4


June 2015

Lost & Found Space, via Guastalla 5, 10121, Torino, IT