Mobiles – Stabiles

11th December – 16th December 2019

44 Lower Sloane St, Flat 6, London SW1W 8BP

Two bodies of work, the mobiles and the stabiles meet here under the same intention: balance.

The freedom of movement of the mobiles evokes the action of a performer or a musician, and their awareness of the present time, here, now. Made of lead and brass, the pieces offer themselves to the air, moved by the breath or the wind.

The stabiles, instead, bring their kinetic quality to the level of the spectator’s perception. Encounters between two or more parts, they carry a continuous dynamism through the interaction of formality, space, time and light, in a dialogue with the viewer and the reflections on the polished surfaces.

The result is, in both cases, a precarious equilibrium – where nothing is ever definitive nor conclusive – that aims at questioning our own deeper identity and definition.