Through an eclectic practice that incorporates kinetic sculpture, assemblage and the ready made, my work investigates aspects relating to the human being, translating my focus on organic dynamics, such as attraction, exclusion, friction, assimilation and the play of forces, in a game of weights that is a constant redefinition of balance.

Combining a background of human sciences, performance and martial arts, my pieces evoke the playful action of a performer or a musician, and their awareness of the present time: here, now. They remind us of the pivotal point between chaos and control, the tension between freedom and structure, destruction and order. The viewer is invited to look through a fictitious distorting mirror and recognise, in the sculptures, creatures fluctuating between apparent stillness and motion, purpose and vaguery, questioning their direction, playing with the common denominator of gravity.

Radio interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Fresh Air Sculpture Show 2017.

Selected Exhibitions (solo, unless specified)

2022 – Parrots: A Flagrant Exhibition of Mimicry, SVA Collective, Stroud – mixed show

2022 – Small Frames, RO Frames, Stroud – mixed show

2022 – Midnight Spelunking, The Nutshell Studios, Nailsworth – joint exhibition with Nick Phillips

2021 – A Dance for Edward James, West Dean Gardens, Chichester

2021 – Loose Cannons and Spider Webs, The Nutshell Studios, Nailsworth

2019 – Mobiles – Stabiles, Camilla Grimaldi Salon, London

2017 – Fresh Air Sculpture, Quenington – mixed show

2016 – SVA Open Studios, Horsley

2015 – Mobiles, Lost & Found Gallery, Torino, IT

2010 – Immersione-Emersione, Lost & Found Gallery, Torino – joint exhibition with Fulvio Rossi

2005 – Postcards, Machè, Torino – joint exhibition with Irene Pittatore

2004 – Il Percorso o la Meta, Il Borgo Gallery, Torino