Born in 1982, Viviana Rossi-Caffell lives and works between England, France and Italy.

Fed by an eclectic background including social anthropology, performance, print-making, photography and martial arts, her work focuses on the relationship between bodies (intended both as living organisms and as entities), exploring the connection between space, materials and form, and its inherent narrative potential.

The formal quest reflects the investigation of organic dynamics, such as attraction, exclusion, absorption and the play of forces, in a game of weights, a constant redefinition of balance.

Attracted by the principles of balance, she embraced the challenge of mobile making, a practice often associated with visual entertainment for nursery rooms, allowing it to incorporate assemblage and hybrid sculpture.

The freedom of movement of the sculptures evokes the action of a performer or a musician, and their awareness of the present time: here, now.

The mobile sculptures remind us of the pivotal point between chaos and control, the tension between freedom and structure, destruction and order. The stamobiles, or standing mobiles, are creatures like us, fluctuating between stillness and motion, between purpose and vaguery, always coming to terms with our common denominator, gravity.

Although her work is never a direct response or a comment on world events – it derives from a more abstract place, close to the unconscious – it inevitably reflects the context and the dynamics in which we are all immersed, and is a way to make sense, and most often make light, of what is around us.

Radio interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Fresh Air Sculpture Show 2017.