Viviana Rossi-Caffell lives and works between England and Italy.
Her work focuses on the relationship between bodies, volumes and the empty space, exploring the connection between spatiality and form.
The formal quest reflects the investigation of organic dynamics, such as attraction, exclusion, absorption and the play of forces, in a game of weights, in a constant yearning for balance.
The freedom of movement of the sculptures evokes the action of a performer or a musician, and their awareness of the present time, here, now.

Behind what you can see for yourself, I am probably a performer who expresses herself in different mediums, always trying to make sense (and most often make light) of what is around me.

Co-founder of Lost and Found space (Turin), former assistant of Frank Horvat (Paris), Viviana founded VRC with Max Caffell in 2012, to promote and support the projects they believe in.

Focusing on the expression, beyond the choice of a medium, Viviana’s works belong to the fields of painting, photography, sculpture, choreography, and writing.